Die-cast aluminium radiators

The Die Cast line is realized with the most modern techniques of aluminium die-cast to achieve radiators with outstanding performances. The radiators of the Die Cast line can be adapted to:

  • traditional systems
  • systems with low temperature hot water generators ( condensing boilers , heat pumps , etc.).
  • systems powered by renewable energy sources ( solar panels , geothermal systems ) .

Furthermore, the reduced water content makes the system quickly respond to any minimum variation of the desired temperature.

Harmonious and innovative, Sira Die cast radiators are designed to combine beauty, performances, savings and a high environmental comfort. Their nicely curved shape was  designed with a total absence of sharp edges, making them suitable for any type of civil, public and private installation. The high level of finishing and craftsmanship in every detail make these radiators unique.

Sira Die cast radiators have all the features of Sira Group products and offer an exclusive 15 year guarantee.