Domestic heating radiators

Sira radiators are manufactured using the most modern production techniques to provide maximum performances with less power consumption. Elegance, versatility, safety, power and environmental comfort are just some of the main qualities that distinguish the entire range of Sira products.

All Sira radiators perfectly work with modern low temperature heating systems, either powered by condensing boilers, heat pumps integrated to solar panels and/or geothermal energy systems; their reduced water content also allows a rapid adaptation of the system to each variation of the desired temperature , obtaining a further reduction of energy consumption.

Thanks to the special epoxypolyester paint by Sira, radiators have a perfect finish and a unique brilliance. In addition, a special care is given to packaging in order to fully preserve the radiators even during handling and transportation.

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  • Bimetal heating radiator

    Bimetal and
    hybrid radiators

    BiMetal radiators combine the advantages of a steel core with those from aluminium body. ...

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  • die-cast aluminum radiator for heating

    Die-cast aluminium

    The Die-cast division uses the most modern techniques of aluminium die-cast to produce top performing radiators. ...

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  • die-cast aluminum radiator for heating

    Extruded aluminium

    Aluminium is range of extruded aluminium radiators known for their versatility, excellent performances and low running costs. ...

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  • Electron - electrical heating radiators

    Electric radiators

    Electron is the new line of electric heaters from Sira, featuring innovative technology and high performances. ...

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  • heated towel rail, towel radiators

    towel rails

    The Termoarredo line from Sira Industrie includes towel rails combining design and functionality. ...

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